Sunday, December 18, 2011


 Molly has really embraced the Nativity Story. We have been reading book after book and watching movies about Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus for weeks now. Molly loves this story.  She is always telling me to read "Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus book". Usually this is accompanied by her throwing one of the many Christmas pictures books at me that we have on the shelf or at the moment they are usually scattered about the room.

When the Christmas boxes were unloaded a few weeks ago so that we could decorate the tree and put out the nativities there was a bag of things that Molly in particular has enjoyed. It is the bag of costumes that I made a number of years back so our family could dress up to go to Bethlehem. They have been used ever since so our kids could act out the nativity story. I think it is time to make some bigger shepherd costumes. Sophie and Ian can't fit into any of them anymore.

 Molly quickly picked out a robe and a headdress and asked me to make her Mary. She often doesn't want me to take this off so she has dressed like Mary for several different outings. And her pink hat and bowed baby is now constantly playing the role of baby Jesus.

Molly has caught the Christmas story very well and is often singing away at Angels We have Heard on High. She usually gets stuck on the Glooooooooooo and never gets to the -ia but she has the main gist of the song.

It really is very cute to see her take such an interest in the goings on of Christmas.

But, of course there is also a fair amount of singing about raindeer and she also has appeared as a few other famous ladies lately also.
I think this is a sugar plum fairy mixed with lady liberty.  She bounces from one outfit to the next rather quickly. She hasn't mastered the art of the quick costume change yet.

What we would do without this cute but busy little two year old around the house?!

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Bibliophile said...

What a lovely article about Molly! What a cutie! She looks so tenderly at Baby Jesus in the photos that I know she is beginning to understand the Nativity Story. Yea! Molly!