Thursday, December 22, 2011

Celebrating Hanukkah

Every year along with all our Christmas book and activities we spend a little time reading and learning about Hanukkah. It is easy to find books about this Jewish holiday. The Library usually has a big group of them pulled off the shelf much like the Christmas books at this time of year and they are set up on top of the book shelves for easy access.  I always find a few good books there to bring home and read with my kids on the first day of Hanukkah. (I do a similar thing with Passover around Easter time)

We read a few books and listened to some Hanukkah music. I had found this DK Sticker book on the used book shelf a few months ago. It looked brand new and was only 25 cents. I am glad I picked it up and brought it home. I am even more glad I remembered it and could still find it when it was the right time to use it.
When we attended Bethlehem this year, and every year past, one of the booths in the "city" hands out a dreidel to the kids. They have been floating around our house for a week and some already but the kids found them and figured out how to play.
And of course for dinner I decided to make some latkes. Mine, I am happy to say, looked almost exactly like the ones pictured.  These of course aren't mine because I didn't break my camera out at all during the day. Henry had at least three of them, Ian had a few too, and Sophie actually finished the one I gave her. For kids who aren't usually that adventurous with food, especially Sophie, this was quite an achievement.

I also served applesauce but we didn't eat it with the latkes. We had it for desert. I didn't make the traditional donuts. We have so many cookies and treats in the house I didn't think we needed yet another.

My husband tried to teach the kids a hebrew prayer that he knows. The kids recognized it from the book/books we had read that day.

We didn't light any candles and we don't have a menorah but I think we celebrated Hanukkah in our own way.

There is a special kinship I feel with the Jewish people and faith. Perhaps because we share some of the same history and scripture. For what ever reason, I like sharing a little bit of the holidays remembering the miracles God has performed for his people.

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