Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Better than Expected.

My kids each found a movie theater style box of Raisinettes in their stockings on Christmas morning.  They were the perfect snack to stick in their pocket for movie they would get to go to the theater to see the next day.  I know... wait until the next day?.... but Christmas was on the Sabbath this year so no movie that day.

We don't go to movies very often so this was a very special treat!
 My husband was the one to take the kids.  (I stayed home with Molly. We will have to wait to see it on DVD or Netflix.) He said he didn't have really high expectations for the film. He had read some mixed reviews. Plus this is one of his favorite things to read aloud to the kids. He has a voice for each of the characters and he didn't want to be disappointed when they made the characters sound different. He was also worried about the story and how they would combine story lines of the different books. Would it still have the charm of these old 1930's comics?

 When the kids came bursting in the doors of Grandma's house after returning from the film, they were all pumped up and excited about how good the film was. They LOVED it! My husband said it exceeded his expectations.  And, of course, now my kids want to get the Wii video game that goes along the film. It was one of the many previews that were shown before the film began.
My kids gave this film two thumbs up and can't stop telling me about this or that from the film. And for someone who hasn't ever read the comics or watched the film, it is rather funny to hear and ends up being just a big jumble of words. I guess I better check these books out of the library again and read through them so I can understand what these guys are talking about.

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Cellista said...

We're reading this for our book club next week, so hopefully we'll get to see the movie sometime soon. It looks like a good one.