Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two reasons to celebrate.

 Mother's Day weekend is always a big deal in my home town. They hold a big parade and rodeo. I guess that tells you a little of what kind of place it was in which I grew up. Where we live now there are parades but they turn into political advertisements and not much else. But when we leave the city and head up into the foothills we get to participate in a real community activity.

Sure the people are sitting around drinking and smoking and since it is May, many are dressed in such a way that the people of Walmart site (I don't recommend this site, it is depressing so I won't link to it but if you know what I am talking about you understand.) would have lots of new subjects.
 The kids had fun with their cousins as they watched the parade travel past them. That is always a bonus.

We actually didn't stay for the full two hours or more of the festivities. My kids got a little bored after awhile. I guess there are only so many horses, rodeo queens,  old cars and bands you can watch.  My mom and I were dissapointed that the bagpipers didn't make an appearance this year. They are always one of the bands we look forward to.
 We did see some old WWII and Korean War Jeeps. My kids thought that was interesting.
 Mark Twain also made an appearance. I guess he is putting on a show at one of the community theaters. Mark Twain is always big around these parts. He lived in this area of CA and wrote a number of short stories about this part of Gold country. There are even towns named after him up here so you often see Samuel Clemens show up to events.
 Every elementary school in the county sends their band to march in this parade. My kids got all excited when my elementary school band marched by first.  I honestly didn't really care. But when the high school band marched by I couldn't help but get that little feeling of excitement and got a little teary. Does this make me a band nerd? I did play and march in the parade for four years. They don't wear the same uniforms I did when I was there. The band teacher isn't the same anymore but I guess there is just something about having belonged to the Golden Regiment that makes you always feel nostalgic.

 I wasn't just for Mother's Day that we headed out of town. My husband also got to celebrate his birthday with the family. He had requested chocolate cake but since we had already had some Chocolate Cake when we had a small party with his parents earlier in the week and also another cake was shared by his co-workers. He was happy with the strawberry shortcake dessert. He certainly hams it up since there isn't even a candle to blow out.
 It was a fun weekend for all. The boys found new places to sword fight. We all got to relax, take walks, read books and watch movies and hang out with family.
 Sophie had fun setting up a little carnival of games for us all to try out. 

We always hate to head back to the city after such a great weekend.

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