Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Redwall and Dragons

Redwall  by Brian Jacques is the latest book my kids have embraced. They beg me to let them listen to it each afternoon. And it goes into the car whenever we go out and comes back in the house just in case there is time to put it on again. It is 9 CD's long so it is taking quite some time to get through.

The story is very Midieval British and the actors who read the parts have pretty thick accents which adds to to the fun. Mathias the mouse has become a favorite around these parts. I have a feeling some of the rest of the series will be coming home with us next time we head over to the library.

I picked Redwall just last week at the library. I almost always bring home an audio book or two. We always have to have some book going in the car. My kids prefer it to music and since today was rainy they opted for a audio book while playing with legos. We are now on the 7th of nine disks. I guess they decided this one sounded more interesting than Harriet the Spy which is the other audio book I brought home.

I picked up the first book in the How to train your Dragon Series two weeks ago. I often have to pick out books for the kids. They tend to pick out the same books they have already read or stick with the authors they already know. I am the one that is always looking at lists and reading blogs that give good recommendations of books so I make sure we come home with some new ones all the time. I knew the kids loved the movie so I thought they should read the book. I usually try to have them read the books first before watching the movie but I honestly didn't know these were books and was just told the movie was good by a friend. Maybe they didn't know it was a book first either. But my kids loved the book and then the next week they quickly went and looked for the other books in the series. They now have books 1-5 at home and they are reading them.  Sophie reads through them rather quickly. Ian finds them easier than Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (which is the other book he is trying really hard to read for himself). Henry just loves to look at all the illustrations and read the captions or chapter headings. I haven't actually read through any of them but my kids seem to really be enjoying them. I am just thrilled they are reading something.


Bibliophile said...

(sigh) Still another reason to be jealous of your great library! That story must be good if they want to continue it wherever they are. Books are wonderful friends, for sure!

Cellista said...

We love Redwall! I should get the Dragon series. I'm always looking for good audio books too. We working our way through Narnia again after realizing D doesn't remember them from the last time we read them. I think he was only about 2 then.

aly in va said...

How fun. I hadn't heard of Redwall. We did read How to Train your Dragon. I find those oboks difficult reads personally as I hard a hard time remembering all the "made up" language, similar to the Potter series, etc. Yet for some reason, I have no problems w/Narnia. Go figure. Anyway, hopefully the girls will enjoy it.