Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reading books with Molly

 My boys take care of their little sister. I often find Ian sitting on the couch reading a book to Molly. Of course reading a book to Molly often only consists of pointing to thing in the pictures and saying or signing their name. Sometimes the actual story gets read but often it is just more of a game of I spy. One book in particular has been Molly's favorite. It is called Too Many Pumpkins. We have checked it out for years as a fall book but since Henry has been getting Halloween books everytime he goes to the library this one tends to come home with us quite often. I think he just knows Molly likes it so he gets it over and over again.
 Mostly Molly loves to look for the cat on every page. Sometimes it is hard to find because it way in the background or sometimes it is only partly showing but Molly knows where it is on every page.
 I have tried to read the words to her and she just quickly turns to pages looking for the cat so she can point it out.
 I am just glad that the boys take the time to read/point to pictures with her.
 Today Henry decided he wanted to read aloud to me the book Go Dog Go. It is an easy enough book for him to read fairly quickly but Molly climbed up to sit next to him and listened to every word.
 Perhaps she doesn't get as many of these simple books read to her. I read aloud all the time but usually they are either chapter books or books for the older kids. So I am glad she gets some of these more basic books and I am so grateful for boys that are able to read now and that are willing to read to her.


Bibliophile said...

I love to see those photos of the children, especially when they're reading!

Kodelle said...

I love when they first fall in love with books through the pictures. Books can be magical without a word.

Cellista said...

Cute pictures! I hope E learns to love books (hopefully in this house it will be inevitable) because he's sure not into them right now. Though as you say, most of what I read is way over his head. I need to be more deliberate about reading to him. Reading this did remind me that I have an Usborne book that has a duck hidden on every page...maybe I'll see if he can catch on to that.