Friday, May 13, 2011

The Timeline is Out of Control

I can't believe it has been almost 4 years already. When Sophie started "1st grade" and we started the Story of the World history curriculum I decided to put up a time. I placed 4 long strings down one of the walls of our hallway.  One string for each of the four time periods: ancient, middle ages, early Modern and then Modern times. I printed out a few pictures of scripture stories to place in their spot on the time line to get us started but I figured we would fill it in as we went.

It is hard to tell from this picture but there are actually 4 different strings with pictures and such scattered along them. Over the years we have added our composers, artists, scientists and mathematicians onto the wall so we could place them in their time period.  I also printed out the pictures from Hannah's Homeschool helps (Yahoo group) that correspond with the Story of the world chapters. This was helpful because sometime Story of the World would jump around a little and I could put things in their right places.

Things really got crazy when we used the time line figures that came with our Time Travelers curriculm. They included a whole lot of little figures for the short amount of years covered so this part of our time line has really exploded.
I guess I could have left some of them off but it was fun to place them and for me to really see how they all fit together.

We haven't quite finished our history for Modern times. We are now in the middle of WWII. We still have another week or two  before we move on. I don't know exactly what I want to cover yet for the post WWII years. I think I am going to stick to covering important people from the time period and see how that goes but usually by this time of the "school year" we are finished and ready to do something entirely different. We aren't even really close to that yet... at least with history.


Kodelle said...

Very impressive! We're starting ours next year. I hope it turns out as wonderful as yous looks.

Cellista said...

That looks great! We didn't start one until just this year, but it's so fun to look back on. I just wish we had the wall space to hang it up. I agree that the Time Travelers figures really fill it in. Ours kind of exploded in places too.

Next year I'm going to have A keep his own and we'll do one with just pictures for the others as well.

Malissa said...

Great idea!