Thursday, May 5, 2011

Over 6 Months to Respond

Last October Sophie did a report/lapbook on the Presidents of the United States. As part of the project she wrote a letter to President Obama in hopes of getting a response. Today Sophie received a big envelope with The White House listed as the return address. It took his staff 6 months to answer our letter. That isn't too bad. 

She was very excited to receive this little packet. We had almost completely forgot about this expected letter.

Along with a letter from the president there was a signed picture of President Obama. There was also another picture of the first dog with bit of information about Bo the Portugese Water dog. The sheet about the white house itself was interesting and had cut away pictures  of some of the different rooms inside. On the flip side of this sheet there is some questions and answers by President Obama. He pretty much encourages her  to dream big and work hard (especially in Math and Science even through his favorite subject in school was History). Then he tells her that she is the future of America.

It is a nice little letter and one that Sophie will be keeping even if we didn't vote him!

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Desiree said...

How neat! What a fun package to receive. I like what you said at the end.