Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Pictures

I have finally resolved my technical difficulties and can upload pictures again. The card reader I bought does actually work with our operating system after all. And my husband finally saved and removed all the movies we have taken of the kids over the past 5 years. Wow did that free up a lot of space on the machine. I can now continue to take pictures and upload them as a please for a time. A new computer is put off for another little while. There just isn't the funds right now to spend money on a new computer since my husband surprised me with a new toy.

He claims it is an early Mother's Day gift but I know it is just as much his new toy as mine. But if we need to use Mother's day and a good excuse then I will let him. We have been wanting a Blendtec Blender for years and have been making green smoothies in my regular blender dreaming of one day having one of these super blenders to make soups, ice creams and very smooth smoothies rather than the "chunkies" that we have been drinking.

I think we find an excuse to use it just about everyday. The kids think it is so fun to watch the stuff get ground up. They weren't that excited when it was a regular blender so I am sure the novelty will wear off.  My husband especially likes that fact that he can now make his almond milk rather than buy it.  We choose Blendtec rather than a Vitamix simply because we already own the Kitchen Mill grinder from this company and know they make a quality product. We have friends with Vitamix and they love them as well but we decided to support Blendtec with this purchase.

Now for some Easter pictures.

I can't say we did a whole lot besides read a few books and dye a few eggs for Easter this year.  I do feel a little guilty because we make such a big deal about Christmas but take things very simple for Easter.  I just wasn't up for big fancy plans.

We did color some eggs.
Molly didn't quite get the idea of coloring them so instead she just decided to dig in.

On Saturday we got together with a bunch of other families and have an egg hunt. This worked out really well. We have done an Easter egg hunt at the community center before and the kids would only get one or two eggs because there were so many kids.
This time each parent just brought some eggs for and there was plenty to go around.
There was a little patch of grass for the babies to find eggs in and then a large patch for the older kids to run around in. It worked out great and the kids had a great time.
One of the families threw out some "Super eggs" which contained money. Sophie found two of these eggs and ended up with $6.00 in egg money. After the egg hunt we went to Costco for our usual Saturday shopping and she saw a package with 3 Webkinz for only $5.00. She used her egg money to buy herself a new Webkinz cat and gave the boys each a new animal as well. Henry got a rooster and Ian got a new dog.
So Sophie got her dreamed for Webkinz. And the fact that it is the "bigkinz" her her "littlekinz" cat was thrilling. A new Webkinz is what she had said she wanted for Easter but I had already told her I wouldn't buy another one.

Easter morning went a little differently. We didn't do an egg hunt in the traditional sense we did a scavenger hunt. The kids round one egg on the table and then each egg had clue inside to find the next egg.  Finally they found the basket which was filled with such things as new swim googles and pencils.
There was a few Cadbury eggs inside as well. But that was it for candy.
They all loved the Cadbury eggs.
I didn't take any pictures of everyone dressed up for church on Easter. We didn't do new dresses. The kids closets are already too full. They didn't need anything new. And Sophie has been singing with the choir and left for rehearsal early. I also had to do sharing time for Primary and was sort of scrambling to gather the things I needed for that as well as prepare what I could for Easter dinner before leaving for church so there isn't any traditional Easter Sunday dress picture of the kids.

I can't believe that was only a week ago. It seems long past. I haven't taken any pictures this week so am now caught up in that at least.

Have a great Sabbath!

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