Monday, May 16, 2011

Cooking What?

Molly is almost 2 years old. She doesn't have a whole lot of words. This isn't anything new in this house. Sophie was the only one of my children to really be an early talker. By the time Sophie was the age Molly is now she was speaking in full sentences. I remember we were going to go on an airplane trip a month or so before she turned two and we had to coach her to say she was "not quite two" because she was such a good talker we didn't want her to suddenly make it difficult to claim her as a lap child.

Ian was what some would call delayed, he did not talk until he was well into his 3rd year. But he communicated by miming or acting out what he wanted. When he did start talking, it was full sentences. I honestly don't remember much about Henry's early talking. I don't know if that is just because he was the third child or if he was just so ordinary in his progression or maybe I was just so tired it was all a blur. I think he talked about balls a lot at first.  But I have never been one to worry about my kids and their communication abilities.

Molly is not an exception. Even without words she certainly gets her point across. And she has taken to signing very easily. I only have to show her a sign once and she adds it to her repertoire. And she thinks she is so funny when she combines them and we all giggle. After learning the sign for cook and later diaper on one day she combined them and signed "cook diapers". Everyone laughed, so of course she did it again and again. Now she signs it all the time and then giggles herself and thinks she is so funny. My kids have taken to calling a stinky diaper a "cooked diaper" and are always asking her if she is cooking diapers. The joke now is getting a little old and we aren't laughing as much so I hope it will fade.

Since we have been signing so much with Molly, I decided to add it back into our usual school day. We have a great library that has just about all the seasons and episodes of Signing Time. We have watched just about all the first season and are now working through season two.  My kids love them still and Molly is fascinated. She hasn't ever been one to watch anything on t.v. But she loves Signing time. I even checked out the Baby Signing Time videos but the older kids didn't like them as much and many of the signs are the same ones taught in the regular videos so we haven't tried any more of the ones for babies. Molly loves them in either case. I think it is a fun way to learn a new language. Our signing vocabulary is certainly growing!

The pictures in this post were taken about two weeks ago when it was hot. I think it was about 85 - 90 degrees that day. Today we are having rain and have broken out our jackets and long pants again.
I don't mind the return to cooler temperatures. I am not ready for the hot hot hot of Summer. I love Spring!

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aly in va said...

Signint time is great. I was sad when Rachel decided not to do any new episodes due to funding. My oldest was an early talker and the middle was a late talker. We're still waiting on the verdit for the 17 month old.