Monday, May 24, 2010

First Father and Son

My boys went camping on Friday and left the girls at home. Sophie was distraught thinking she was going to miss out on all the fun. In the past, I think we have gone camping only twice so this was exciting for the boys.

They got up to the campsite after dark because they had to wait for Dad to come home from work. But they still had time to set up camp and roast a few marshmallows before going to sleep.
They took Grandpa along too. 

Back at home Sophie and Molly and I were enjoying our quiet house. We decided 3/4 of the noise went out the door with the boys. I asked Sophie if she would like to get Ice Cream or something. She took me up on that and we gave a few of Baskin Robin's 31 flavors a try. We then came home had a quiet evening and then went to sleep in our nice warm beds.

In the middle of the night, after responding to Molly's cries I climbed back into bed and thought about how cold I felt and that the boys up in the hills must be freezing.

Evidently they were warm enough. I guess I sent up enough warm clothes for them so they were alright. But it was still not a restful sleep. Evidently Grandpa snores really loud and kept having to get up for this and that.

Do these boys look like they slept enough? 

They spent the morning doing a service project. They needed to prepare the campgrounds for the girls that would be coming in a few weeks for their week of girls camp. 

Sophie and I spent our Saturday morning making lemonade. That morning when I asked her what she would like to do or where she would like to go she just said she wanted to make something. When I asked her what she had in mind she just said "lets juice all those lemons." We had two big bags full of lemons that a friend had given us off of their lemon tree. Sophie had the best time washing, cutting and juicing those lemons. We did make some lemon pound cake from a recipe I had never used but had printed out. Our fridge is now stocked with lots of lemon juice waiting to be made into lemonade. 

After the campout and service project the boys came home. They were dirty and most likely covered in poison oak so they all had a bath and their clothes went right into the laundry. My husband crashed on the bed and took a good hour and some long nap. I really wish the boys would have. My goodness they were cranky!

But it was a fun weekend for all... sort of.


Flem said...

Did you PS that first pic or was it really that good naturally? There is something really magical about it.

My husband doesn't even own a camera so the grand total pics we got on this event for our family=0

Bibliophile said...

Our boys went on an ordeal for the Scouting Order of the Arrow over Friday night. Dallin almost got frost bite on his toes because it snowed during the night and the boys were freezing. In MAY!