Sunday, May 2, 2010


This little guy has personality. He always has!

The last few weeks he has been thanking Heavenly Father for volcanos and tornados in his prayers. He lumps them in there right after "family, toys and books". I don't know if the people who experience these things are grateful for them and what they do but he is thankful for them. He loves reading books about volcanos and other natural disasters. And he is always asking me to make a volcano. He loves it when we add baking soda to vinegar and watch the fizz.

When you ask him what he wants to do when he grows up he explains that he wants to be a doctor because he likes Seymores. Seymore is the name he has given to every skeleton. He loves learning about the human body. Every once in awhile he throws in that he also wants to be a pilot. So he combines his two desires and says he wants to be a doctor that flies around and rescues people.

Everyday he asks me "How many more days are there until Saturday?". He is fixated on that day. He looks forward to his one hour of computer game playing that he gets only on Saturdays. I found some magnets with the days of the week on them. I put them on the fridge and now I just tell him which day it it is and he can count the number of days until the coveted day. I really wish he wasn't so attached to his game playing. I hope he one day gets bored playing Lego Indiana Jones and no longer asks to play it. That isn't today. He has even told me that he doesn't like Sunday because it is so far away from Saturday.

Speaking of Sunday... he spends the entire hour of church asking for papa to scratch his back or trace his  face with his finger. We started the tracing thing when he was a baby and he has loved it ever since. Why he likes to have someone run their fingers all over his face, I do not know. He just likes the attention I guess.

He also asks to watch The 10 Commandments each Sunday afternoon. He only likes watching the part about the plagues and when the Israelites leave Egypt and they go through the Red Sea. We watch it almost every Sunday. So much for those Illustrated Scripture story movies we have sitting around. Charlton Heston is the only one he wants to see.

He thinks he is a Superhero.

What a cutie!

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An Ordinary Mom said...

He sounds like he lives a passionate life and that is a good thing :) !!