Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not just sitting at home

People are always telling me that I am amazing for getting out and about so soon after my babies are born. It isn't that I don't need extra sleep or that I need some time to heal. I just can't stay home. I love fresh air and go a bit stir crazy when inside too long. So even though we have a newborn and she keeps me from getting a good night's sleep, we have still been keeping ourselves busy with activities and outings.

My three older kids start to really bounce off the walls if we are home all day long, so my husband has made sure to get them out and about each day and leave me to get a nap. Molly and I still join them on many outings so we too can get some fresh air and a change of scene.

We have actually spent the last week at my parents house. The kids have cousins to play with and a big yard to roam around in. Grandpa's orchard has been a favorite play place while we have been here. I think because it is fenced off and you have to go through a small gate to get in there seems to be a bit of magic about this part of the garden.

We took the kids to see the Big Trees. The southern California cousins hadn't ever been so we felt like we needed to show them these giant sequoias.

They all had so much fun climbing on, around and through the trees and rocks.

And of course the kids have spent a lot of time in the pool each day.

Grandma's house is a great place to take a little vacation.


Karen said...

I wish I could be there too. I've been so homesick lately.

Michelle said...

Sure sounds like you are doing well with a newborn. I am like you, I have to get out with my baby's. I get a little "blue" when I don't. That's the nice thing about having a baby in the summer.