Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Plug Would Be Nice!

Is there a secret to teaching your baby to take a pacifier? Sophie was never able to take a pacifier because of her cleft, Ian took one finally when he was teething and he was a number of months old, Henry never took to a pacifier (and I really tried!). I really want Molly to take a pacifier. And I am trying but she just doesn't seem to take to it. Once in awhile she will but mostly she doesn't. I still try though hoping she will eventually take it and be content.

I see babies happily and quietly sucking away on theirs while Molly spends her awake time crying and screaming. She loves to be held but I am not able to always hold her so when I put her down she screams. She will swing for a short amount of time and sometimes will allow me to lay her down on the floor while she looks at the world around her. But mostly she screams.

I don't know if it is just that I have forgotten what a newborn is like or if Molly in particular is a bit more cranky then most but it is really hard to deal with at times. She has also decided to be colicky. Every night from about 7 to 9 p.m. she shrieks and there is nothing I can really do about it. The pediatrician told me to try camomile tea and to make sure to swaddle and bounce her. It hasn't really made a difference.

Sophie really tires to help. She will hold Molly for a bit while I finish making dinner or change the laundry or whatever chore I am trying to squeeze in between feedings. Sophie even tries to take over some of my chores, like getting breakfast or lunch for the boys. She is really trying new things that before she just left up to me.

Ian doesn't seem to be changed since the baby joined us. He still goes about his play and ignores the crying. Henry on the other has been a lot more needy lately and throws a lot more tantrums thinking that we will give in if he whines and cries too. maybe he sees that Molly gets held because she cries so he thinks we will give him what he wants if he just cries enough.

Or maybe this is all just me and my lack of sleep talking. I just think things are hard because I am making it through each day rather sleep deprived. Or maybe it is just time to start getting back onto our usual schedule and head "back to school". My husband still has two more weeks off of work and we have always found it hard to "do school" when he is home. He is too big a distraction, I guess.

Sorry to not post in almost a week and then when i finally do I just complain. I really don't mean to complain or whine. I knew having a newborn is rough. And I do know the rewards are worth the trouble in these first few weeks/months. I am just a bit bleary eyed and fuzzy headed the last few weeks and don't have much on my mind except trying to get through each day.


Michelle said...

My baby's wouldn't take pacifiers either... but all 3 of my sister's baby's took them. I called her for advice about it for our last baby. There is a certain kind of pacifier that works really well. I used it until Collin was about 4-5 months old and then switched him to a different kind. You can find this kind at Wal Mart. I can't remember the name of it, but I will figure it out and email you. I see lots of Mom's saying that is the only pacifier their kids would take. But, it really does take awhile for them not to spit it out. I would put it in Collin's mouth and put a burp cloth up by the pacifier so when he would spit it out, it was close to suck it back in. Also, I walked every night with Collin to keep him happy. He would fuss at that same time too- so out we would go. It was good for the kids too. Ohhh, just thought of the name "Soothie". It is a weird turquoise color (although I think they have a cute pink for girls)

the lazy reader said...

Don't have any good advice but wanted to offer a bit of support. My little one seems to want to be held all of the time which does't really work for me. I have been trying to decide if the other two were this way or if I just have more distractions now with two older girls needing time and attention too. Hang in there. We've all been blurry eyed and bewildered.

Bibliophile said...

Don't give up trying to get Molly to take a pacifier. It's worth all the effort!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

WOAH NELLY!!! I have been away from blogging for far to long. I had forgotten that you were pregnant and now you have a sweet baby. CONGRATS!!!

As for the binky, I wish I knew. Some of my kids wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole and then there was Sweet Terror who couldn't survive the first year of her life without one.

I hope you can get some sleep soon. I hate the insanity of no sleep.