Monday, August 31, 2009

I Gave In

At the end of Spring when Ballet and science club ended. I decided we wouldn't sign up for any more classes for awhile. Sophie loved her dance class but the next class for her age was a hip hop class and I wasn't excited for that. Science club in the Fall didn't sound like something we would really be interested in so I thought we could skip that too. Usually I would have signed the boys up for Soccer. Ian has done it for two years now and both the boys just talked as if it was a given that Soccer was going to happen again this fall. I didn't want to do it again. It ties up every Saturday for 10 weeks and Henry barely even played last year he just kicked the ball for about 10 minutes and then wanted to go and climb on the jungle gym that was there on the playground. So I wasn't going to sign them up for Soccer this year. I had thought it was going to be nice to not have a bunch of extra classes and events we needed to get to each week, especially since we have a new baby. It would be nice to get her on a regular schedule and that is always hard when you are juggling a bunch of outings.

But.... I gave In. I signed up the kids for classes.

Ian didn't want to do Soccer again. We had been discussing Karate for a number of months and you have to be 6 years old to go to the karate class given through the community center so we have been saying he would start when he had his birthday. But then I saw that the YMCA gives a karate class for 5 year olds and up. So I registered him for class. He is excited and will start this week. It is a night class so my husband has volunteered to take him to this class each week. How nice is that! A little boy bonding time. I hope my mild, sensitive lad enjoys the Karate.

Since I signed up Ian for a class I felt like I should really sign Henry up for something but the only thing he wants to do is play Soccer. Lucky for me the YMCA is giving a soccer class for 3-4 year olds in a few weeks. It is every Saturday for about 8 weeks but at least it is early in the morning and the same time each week. Unlike the soccer club we played with for the past 2 years. They have games early in the morning some weeks and then some Saturdays the games weren't until 2:30 or so. And when both boys were playing we would often be at the soccer field for hours at a time. I can't say I enjoyed that a whole lot and it made it very difficult to do much except Soccer on Saturdays. Henry's new soccer class is also a parent and me class so my husband will be taking him to it each week. Some Dad and Son time will be great for Henry. He is still adjusting to not having as much attention since Molly came.

And of course we couldn't leave Sophie out so I talked to my husband and looked at the other classes that the YMCA was offering this Fall. There was an Art class that I knew Sophie would enjoy but my husband wasn't excited about. There was also a Lego Robotics class that she will be able to do next year (9yrs and up). But we finally settled on a cooking class. Sophie is excited for her class. When we cook at home the kids all fight over who gets to put in each item and I can't say it is all that fun. The class is very small so I hope she will enjoy these cooking lessons. Maybe she will come home each week with fun food to sample or even better.... with homework. Maybe she will be required to cook dinner or breakfast. She can take over this task for me.

And not to be outdone. My husband has decided he too needs to get a little recreation so he decided to join the YMCA also. He is determined to get more exercise in his life and he knows how much I have enjoyed my membership so now he is going to be waking up early to head to the gym and burn off some of those calories that I am sure Sophie will be cooking up.

As for me... I am going to try to get back to my cycling class as well as my trips to the gym now that it has been 6 weeks since Molly was born. I am going to take some time off of Band, which was fun and good for me. It just doesn't work well with a nursing baby in toe. Maybe in a few months I can add that back into the mix too.

Wow... that does sound like a lot to keep track of. My calendar is looking a bit full. The next few months are going to be a bit hectic. These classes on top of all our other regular activities make things a bit crazy. Let's hope it all works out and we are all happy with our activities. As long as I remember to get everyone to where they are supposed to be, I am sure we will all have a great time.

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Bibliophile said...

It does sound like you're going to have to chauffeur the children around, but it's worth it in the end. They will find things that they like and those they don't really enjoy. Have fun with them while you can!