Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st 1/2 Week of School

I can't really claim this as a full week of school. We still haven't added in all the subjects we pan to study and we didn't even "do school" each day. But at least it was a start and my kids seemed to need it. Our mornings went pretty smoothly but I can tell that things are going to be a little different once my husband heads back to work and I have to juggle a third grader, Kindergardener, preschooler and a newborn all by myself.

We did:
  • Read our Book of Mormon every day.
  • Math four days. Not too much complaining :)
  • Learned two new Latin words and made it through three lessons
  • Listened to 3 audio books

  • Ian did a page every day in his Explode the code workbook
  • We read through What's smaller than a Pygmy Shrew?
  • We made an atom collage rather than a drawing. The kids wanted to cut and glue something.
    Different colored pompoms were the electrons, protons and neutrons. They felt like this fulfilled their desire for a project, thank goodness, since I hadn't planned it beforehand. I am sure glad I have a few art/craft supplies taking up space in the closet.

  • We went on a little field trip on Thursday with some friends. We went to a farm out near the coast to pick Strawberries. It has always surprised me how many farms there are within a two minute drive from the beach. I would never have thought that this land would produce as much as it does. But there are farms all along the coast of California.
    We picked some berries and then the kids played on the old tractors and looked at the animals that were also kept on this little farm.

    And of course since we were so close to the beach we stopped to go climb some rocks and get dirty.
    When we got home I spent the rest of the afternoon making jam.

That is about all the academics we covered. There is still a lot to add in but I think we are going to add things in little by little. And try a few new things as well. But everything seems to depend on how well Molly does and how much of my time is taken holding and caring for her while trying to squeeze in the school work.

I am still trying to teach Molly to use a Pacifier. Here she is actually taking it and holding it in herself. It doesn't happen all the time but I will take what I can get.
She still sleeps a lot but wakes up often to eat and be held. But she is staying awake a little more during the day and is more content to lay on the floor or swing and look at toys then she used to be.

So far so good

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