Monday, July 27, 2009

Under the Milk Spell

Sophie is always interested in what Molly is doing and where I have put her down or if I would put her down so she can hold her. Molly is usually doing one of only a few things. She is either sleeping, eating, having a diaper change, and for only a few moments of the day she is awake. One day I was holding Molly, rocking in the chair, after a feeding and Sophie came up and asked if Molly was really asleep or just under the "Milk Spell". I thought that was a great way of describing that state babies get into that isn't really sleep but when they are full, content and resting with their eyes shut. This "Milk Spell" state is one of my favorites. This is where you can just watch the babies face flit between a distressed, crinkled eyebrow look, to the blank sleep face and then to my favorite, the big whole face, happy grin.

We are all enjoying having a little baby in the house. Henry is happy that I can have him on my lap again or that I can pick him up and carry him around a little. Ian is the least interested in what the baby is up to. He still gives her little pushes in her swing and gets very distressed if he hears her cry. Sophie just can't wait until Molly can share a room with her and she is always very excited when I bring Molly in and lay her on her future bed which is all ready for her in Sophie's room. My husband seems to think he has forgotten how to handle newborns so is a bit afraid of changing her diaper and that sort of thing. It is coming back to him slowly but he does his best at keeping the other kids busy so I have more time to rest and take naps when needed.

Maybe we are all under the Milk Spell. We are all full, content and happy. What more can we ask for.


Bibliophile said...

I love that term, "milk spell." Where did Sophie pick that up?
I was watching "Wives and Daughters" the other day, and the heroine is named Mary but called Molly. Is that where Sophie got that idea?
The photo is terrific! She must be getting lots of nourishment because she is getting fat cheeks. Good for you!

Malissa said...

Sounds like your family is just LOVING the new baby!! Glad you are all doing well!

Olivia said...

Congrats! She is beautiful and I'm glad despite all the adventures that everything went well. Best of luck with the coming weeks. Sophie I'm sure will be a good helper. Look forward to catching a glimpse of her soon.