Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow Birds

For a number of weeks we have been hearing the call of some birds in the early morning and often at night as well. We have been calling them the Wow Birds because that is what their call sounds like. It is like they are screeching out the word Wow over and over again. It isn't the most pleasant sound anyway but to hear it early in the morning it is especially unwelcome. Tonight we finally got a good look at these birds that have plagued us. They are a small group of parrots. (There were four in our tree tonight but some of said to have seen up to 6) No parrots are not native to these parts but this particular flock has lived in our neighborhood for years. Someone must have let some pets go or something years ago. We have often heard others that live near us speak of them but until recently we hadn't seen or heard them.
For some reason they have decided to hang out in the pine tree in our yard. Our next door neighbor's theory is that they come to talk to his parrot which is kept in his front room. I guess it gets a lot more agitated when the parrots are outside making noise.

For what ever reason, they are here, visiting us often and at least now we know what they look like. The kids are very excited to have parrots and look for them all the time. They are disappointed when they aren't in our tree.

Sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy. We had to zoom in on the birds at the top of the tall tree and evidently the zoom on our camera doesn't do a great a job.


Bibliophile said...

Is the 'wow' call the usual one for parrots? How interesting! I hope they will visit for a while.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

How fun (except for the annoying part). We have a hawk and a family of wild turkeys in our new neighborhood and the kids love looking for them each day.