Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sum up of our week

I have been lazy about doing my weekly reports lately. Time is really at a premium the last little bit. I am actually looking forward to the holidays. Soccer will be done and the election will be over and cold weather will finally stick around (we are still wearing shorts and t-shirts most days). But we did do some school work this week but I do admit we left out some of our normal things just because things got crazy toward the end of the week with parties and excitement related to them.

So here is the run down.

History - Charlemagne was the topic for the week so back to france. We read the chapter from SOTW and did the map work. Sophie and Henry enjoyed coloring in the the faces of Charlemagne's family and other characters in his story. We also read a few of the tales from france. The Acrobat and the angel was one. Toads and Diamonds as well as one called Three sacs of truth was interesting.

Science- The biome for this week and next is Rivers. So far we have read a few books about rivers in general and also waterfalls. We also watched another of those great Schlessinger media films about fresh water ecosystems. I do feel sort of bad that I am using so many videos to teach science the last few weeks. But I just don't feel up to planning anything more than books and videos at the moment.

Math - Ian has been faithfully doing a page or two of his Earlybird Math book and is really trying to write his letters but he really is having a hard time making his hand do what his mind is telling him. He really wants to get tot he point where he is doing "real math like Sophie" but he isn't able to write well yet so it really slows him down.

Sophie is doing great with Math the last few weeks. She loves multiplication. She is flying through the lessons and so far seem to be remembering them. But then we are only doing up to the 4 times tables so she is quickly doing the addition in her head I think. But she does her math on her own lately. She doesn't even wait for me to ask her to do it. She just grabs it goes through the lesson and exercise and brings it to show me.

Art/Drawing - we didn't do our next lesson from Drawing with Children. Thursday is our day set for our this drawing lesson and we were just busy and the kids were tired and cranky so it just didn't happen. The lesson also required a certain children's book and my hold at the library didn't make it this week but it is sitting there waiting for me to pick it up next week when we visit our visit. So we will proceed with the next lesson this coming week.

Music - We listened to the Classics for kids shows about Bach and we listened to our Bach CD a number of times.
Sophie is almost to the point where she is able to distinguish some of the pieces from the others. She knows the Brandonburg Concertos pretty well.

Crafts - Sophie has found a new love. While at a friend's house a few weeks ago she did some Perler Bead projects.

I found a bucket of the beads on sale somewhere and bought her some. She spends a lot of time making little cats, dogs, fish, flowers and all sorts of other things with these beads.

We also made some paper pumpkins and some collages. Anytime we get glue and paper out my kids have to do a collage.

Friday we had a Halloween party to go to and then on Saturday we had a birthday party and also the Trunk or Treet at Church. Lets just say there is no shortage of candy in our house at the moment.
Here are the kids enjoying pieces of candy as quickly as they can.

Henry just looked so cute with this lolly in his mouth.

It was a busy week but I can't say we accomplished as much as we should have. But we did read our scriptures everyday and most of the basics so we did pretty good.


Michal said...

i hear you on so many levels. i am way behind on my weekly report. it just seems to take so much time and never really tells everything we did.
we also have been getting a bit less in than usual with halloween and being so involved in the election. i am ready to spend a few weeks of november really focusing before thanksgiving hits.
my mom always reminds me that public school has weeks like these, too. the kids just do busy work.

Andrea said...

I like seeing your weekly reports! It helps me with ideas and feeling a sense of normalcy. I also appreciate the helpful links you provide. After a little over a month of beginning to homeschool, I'm starting to feel like maybe I can be successful at this thing!