Saturday, July 19, 2008


Usually we don't have a whole lot to do with workbooks. Sophie has never enjoyed them and fights them every time they come out. But the last week or so I have been gathering the brood to the table (when I can actually get it cleared off and wiped clean) to do workbooks. Sophie does a math exercise or two.
I can tell we are out of practice. It is not that the math is hard. She is just fighting it again. So I know we need to do this more often. Back to math everyday again! She has had it easy too long.Ian has his own workbook where he practices writing letters or numbers and all sorts of preschool skills. Ian is doing a lot better with his pencil. He had a hard time holding it and writing but is now starting to write much easier and clearly.
And then there is Henry. He loves to join us at the table to do work. I don't have an official workbook for him. He usually gets a coloring book and will color or a maze book and try to make it through them. Usually it ends up something like this.
At least the coloring books are old ones that have already been colored and are from the dollar store or something. But it is a lovely mess to clean up each time. But what else does mom do but clean up messes.


Anonymous said...

Yes, what are moms for but to clean up messes?? I know that's what I do alot. I've been sorting through paper piles as my kids are busy printing off more coloring pages from the internet, and I wonder why I never feel ahead.

You just reminded me that we haven't done math once this entire summer. Hmmmm...

Michal said...

i just pulled out the math workbooks this week too. they were a bit dusty.
i really need to get some coloring books for my youngest. she wants to draw on everything and the boys go crazy when she draws on their pages. good thinking.

Jen said...

Tearing paper is really good for fine-motor development.

Melissal89 said...

My two year old loves to tear up paper and scribble seemingly meaningless all over the pages! I'm wondering when that will stop. That's so great that you are getting them to be interested on doing the tablework!

Blessings, Melissa

Angela said...

I have to spend the next week getting caught up with your blog. I have been off the computer this summer and it is good to get on and see other kids working hard. We haven't done too much school! Hope all is well!