Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Math Books

When I went in to read Sophie her at bedtime last night she didn't want to read Brighty of the Grand Canyon which we are in the middle. She requested that we read through her latest favorite, Alice in Numberland.

When we went to the library last week I came across some new fun math books. It is a whole series of I love Math books. I of course grabbed Alice in Numberland when I saw it there. Sophie would never be able to pass up a book that obviously is a take off of her favorite Alice in Wonderland. I also grabbed a few others since they looked like fun when I flipped through Alice. And a fun Math book is always welcome around here.
I was surprised by how much each of the kids has enjoyed them. Sophie claimed Alice of course. Ian loved the Head to Toe, Body Math book. And Henry won't let anyone else even look at the Mystery of the Sunken Treasure, Sea Math book. Those the the three I checked out this week. I saw a few more sitting on the shelf so if they are still there at our next library visit then they will quickly be added to our library book stash. Our library system has just about the whole series, so I will be putting them on hold so we can make sure we don't miss any.

The books are out of print but you can get them used. But check your library to see if they have them. They are fun! And have little math project suggestions that go along with the different concepts.
What a great find!

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