Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rain, Rain, Come Again!

How did we get so lucky. Rain wasn't even in the forcast for today. But it came. The roll of thunder greated us at about 4:00 in the afternoon and by 4:45 the drops started. We never actually saw the lightning but heard lots of rumbles.

 Of course the kids got excited and enjoyed dancing around in our short down pour.

 Wait.... where is Henry in all this? He was getting ready for his soccer clinic. Even though it was raining we headed over to the field for some soccer time.
 The dark clouds kept rolling in and drops kept falling. Look there is even a rainbow in the sky.

 The soccer clinic was cancelled because of the thunder and possible lightning. So our trip to the field didn't last long and we headed back home.  When I walked in the door Ian was laying on the trampoline getting soaked in the rain and our kitty looking out at the wet world. Even she was amazed by the falling water from the sky. It just doesn't or hasn't happen very much, so two days in a row was rather exciting.

Hopefully this is the beginings of many more wet days to come. We could sure use the rain. Then I won't feel so guilty when I take 5 min showers instead of 2 or add an extra rinse when I run the laundry through.

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