Friday, September 26, 2014


 Here we are outside the Orthodontist's office. She is so excited for this visit because the braces are coming off.  The second round of braces is complete.  This is a big day for a girl who has had almost two years of braces this time around.  She is looking forward to getting to eat popcorn again.  I guess that means I need to buy a new popper because Henry burned the motor out of our popper a few months ago.
 Here is the before.
 And now the after! The teeth are so shiny because she has a temporary plastic retainer over her teeth at the moment.  We get to go back for her actual retainer next week. We were told the retainer will have a tooth included to fill the spot where the cleft left her toothless.  Evidently there isn't enough bone in the gap left by the cleft in her upper jaw to actually put an implant.  I just hope this is the end of orthodontics and surgery. Guess we will see what the Cranial Facial team say about her mouth when we see them next.
For now this girl is happy and looks so good with her now wireless grin.


Karen S said...

She looks great!

Bibliophile said...

That's a great smile, Sophia! I know what it's like to have braces off. What a relief!