Saturday, September 6, 2014

Henry's Busy Weekend

Henry celebrated his "Day of All Days" this week. He has been counting down the days and minutes until he could open presents and have his party. 

 His morning present was a rip stick.  It certainly kept him busy most of the day. He kept going outside to try it out again. He got a bit frustrated at first because it was more difficult than he thought it would be. But after a few hundred tries he started to get pretty good. He loves it now.
 He asked for an orange cake. Orange like Emmett the contruction worker. Henry's birthday was all about legos and especially the Lego movie.  He had a few friends over for pizza and to watch the Lego movie. It was pretty funny to sit in a room with 9 young boys who all love the film and have seen it dozens of times. They were all reciting lines and talking about which characters, contraptions or events were the coolest or most Awesome!
 Today was also Henry's first soccer game. He decided to join a team this year and give it a go. He isn't the most skilled player since this is more or less. He did play when he was about 4 but I don't think he even remembers it. He plays hard. We have some skills to work on but he loves it.

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