Saturday, September 6, 2014

As You Wish

 Everyonce in awhile I get to read and review some really fun books.  One day while looking through availiable book on Netgalley I saw As You Wish with a picture of "the man in black" on the front cover I quickly asked to review it.  And shortly the book was sent for me to read on my kindle.

This is a book written by the Man in Black himself, Cary Elwes. He recounts his experiences associated with his role in the movie The Princess Bride.

This movie came out in 1987. I was only 12 years old.  I don't think I got to see the movie in the theater but I know we watched it plenty on VHS.  Through high school and even college it was a movie we watched over and over again because everyone could watch it and everyone enjoyed it.  I know for a fact we wore out our VHS tape and had to buy another one. Thank goodness DVD last through more watchings.

It is one of the films I have introduced to my kids and they too love it. It apeals to my boys as well as my girls. But anyway.. enough about the movie. I am supposed to be talking about Cary Elwes's book.

Making movies sure sounds like a lot of fun. He also doesn't gloss over the amount of time and work went into the making of this classic film.  His recollections are also interspursed with quotes and memories from many of the cast,  Rob Reiner the director, and William Goldmen the writer/screenwriter. 

Since I had a kindle version of the book, the formating was a little wonky. The thoughts from the different people interupted the ongoing flow of Cary Elwes's tale. I had to often flip forward a few screens to finish a sentence from Cary's thoughts and then back a few screens to catch all the great little added tidbits from the recollections of the others that had been popped in.  A hard copy would most likely be a better format for this type of book. I also would have loved some pictures. Perhaps the hard copy will have a few added in.

For anyone who is a fan of The Princess Bride than this book will make you laugh and cry and want to watch the movie one more time to see if you can see the pain in the eyes of the man in black when he delivers the line "Life is pain, Highness! Anyone who says differently is selling something" and knowing why.  Or Westley limping toward the fire swamp. I certainly will never look at the sword fight the same way again knowing how much Mandy Patinkin and Cary Elwes had to do to make that epic battle come to pass.  I am sure I will watch the movie with new eyes and see aspects of it in a different way because I read this book about the making of the Princess Bride.  

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