Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Trim

While at soccer practice today Molly decided to go through my purse. She gave some gum to hersefl and her friend. On the way home from practice Molly said "I must have swallowed my gum". We then had the discussion about how gum takes a long time to digest and really shouldn't be swallowed. Then shortly before getting to the door I hear "oh here it is in my hair".  I said we would take care of it when we got inside.

I had a few extra kids to heard into the house and one who wanted to ride the rip stick in the cul-de-sac so it took me a few minutes to get from the car to the garage to get the ripstick and then into the house. When I walked in, Molly handed me a large chunck of hair and said "I got the gum out". She must have bee lined it for the scissor drawer because she couldn't have been that much ahead of me.

Now with a handful of hair now missing from one side of her head I figured I better even it out and give her a short cut. Molly's hair took a long time to grow in and she really hasn't had a cut ever in her life. But tonight she got a good 6 inches cut off.

 She thinks that she is a whole new girl and that nobody will recognise her.

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