Sunday, December 29, 2013

Time to hang with the Fam.

Almost the whole gang was at Grandmas house on Christmas. 

 Is that more Legos I see!
 Molly loved the new princess dress Grandma made her. She said this one is her Merida dress.

The Ladies taking a break!

The men folk watching a bit of television.

Henry showed off his yoyo skills.
 Oh my are there two Meridas? Molly and her couin loved being twins with their beautiful green princess dresses.
 After a hearty Christmas dinner we all headed out for the walk.
 These kids always complain when it is time to leave but they have such a great time walking up and down the neighborhood together.

 Molly was carried on one cousin or another's shoulder. She kept swinging her leg over so she was sitting on one side and and with her hands in "namaste" possition she was say "I am your shoulder angel". I wonder where that one came from? All these kids know Studio C and all got a good laugh at Molly.
 So the day was full of food, fun and lots of family. It was a great way to spend Christmas day!

We missed you Auntie Karen and crew! It was fun to facetime with you all!

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