Thursday, December 12, 2013

Loving the Kitty!

My kids are having so much fun with their new pet.

 She likes to cuddle at times but mostly likes to play. The boys figured out that she loves to play with Nerf gun bullets. She tosses, chases and pounces on them.

Sophie also made a feather on a string toy that Peezy likes to chase around and jump for. She is a playful little kitten.

Molly is still figuring out how to hold and carry Peezy. One morning she came running in with blood on her face saying that the cat scratched her. I guess she will learn quickly how to take care of the kitty.
We had a little scare yesterday. The kids were outside jumping on the trampoline and kept coming in and out of the house for different things. I went upstairs to make a phone call and when I came down about 15 minutes later I saw the door wide open and no kids out on the tramp and no kitty in sight.  I went upstairs and found the kids in their rooms doing different things but no cat. We made a quick search of the house and couldn't find the cat. We assumed the worst and thought Peezy's curiousity took her out into the yard. We couldn't see her anywhere. Sophie was in tears and there was great weeping and wailing coming from all as we thought our kitty of a few days was now gone.  

Luckily after a prayer, a lot of calming down, and another more thorough search of the house we found her snuggled up in my bedroom. She must have followed me in when I went to make my phone call. Thank goodness for that! I hope the kids have learned their lesson and will be more dilligent about keeping the door closed in the future.

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