Saturday, December 7, 2013

A new member of the family.

For years and years Sophie has wanted a pet. She LOVES cats and has been dreaming of having one for as long as I can remember. We used to tell her that we couldn't have a cat because our landlord doesn't allow cats. We made the promise that "when we had a house of our own we would be able to have a pet. So now we have a house, Sophie decided it was time to get a cat. We went to an animal rescue and picked out a kitten. Sophie was so excited to bring that kitten home.

She certainly gets lots of attention. She is such a novelty in our house that everyone watches her every move and Molly can't leave the poor kitty alone.

I tried to tell them that she would be happier to cuddle with them if they just lay still on the couch or something. Sure enough, once they settled in for a movie the cat jumped up on the couch and cuddled in to Henry.

 It is a good thing she is a playful kitty.  The kids really liked playing games with her.

It will be interesting to see how things settle in with a cat in the house. She seems to like to be where the people are and doesn't hide (unless she has just had enough of Molly's love). That could be a distraction but hopefully once the novelty of having a cat wears off she won't be quite so much of a distraction.

So another early Christmas gift arrived early! Sophie's dream came true. We have a pet!

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