Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Very Lego Christmas Morning!

I figure it is time to post some Christmas pictures. Here are a few from Christmas morning. The kids woke up at about 6:30 which is better than the 5:00a.m wake up last year.

 They quickly found their stockings and started to dig through. Molly found some princesses in her stocking.
 Sophie found a leopard print scarf.  Each of the kids also got a new (used) ipod along with a book and some candies in their stockings.
Then the presents under the tree were pulled out.
 Henry was way excited about the Minecraft magnents that he unwraped!
 But Ian was thrilled when he opened his big gift.

 Molly unwrapped a new pair of inline skates.
Even Peezy got a little mouse toy to play with. 

The rest of our Christmas was pretty much legos, legos and more legos. 
Ian kicked off the lego binge by opening up a Mindstorms EV3. He was certainly spoiled by getting a new robot for Christmas!

 There were a few Lego Friend sets that made their way to our house. I guess we didn't have enough pink legos around here!

And this is what the kids did with the rest of their morning.

The entire downstairs was covered with legos.

Ian set to work building a new robot and getting all the EV3 pieces put in his new Technic lego bin.

Interesting to see that Sophie wasn't involved in much of the lego building. I don't know what she was busy doing but my guess is that she was buried in a new Warriors book that she made its way to our house for her.

It was a busy morning. But we still had to head to Grandmas house so our lego building had to be put on hold.

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