Sunday, December 29, 2013

Animal prints

Sophie is and has been an animal lover forever. She prefers cats to all other animals. This is why she got to finally have a cat now that we have a house with space enough for a pet.

She is always pointing out the animal print items whenever we pass them in the store. When I asked her a few months ago what she would like for Christmas she requested leopard print clothes.  I am not a big fan of animal prints and so have refrained from purchasing such articles for her in the past but she has been somewhat insistant. She is at an age where clothing is starting to be more important and she is growing more and more particular about them.

I mentioned the animal prints to my Mother and set her to work on the leopard print clothes idea for Sophie.  She came through very nicely. Thanks Grandma!

Look at how lovely Sophie looked this morning when she wore her new outfit to church this morning.

She looked great and was very happy to finally have a leopard print shirt. 

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