Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The other day Sophie found a Kaleidoscope in one of the many boxes in my bedroom that is yet to be fully unpacked. (I need some more shelves but need to wait to spend the money on them yet)  She had a good time looking at the world through the glass ball at the end of a tube with some mirrors inside. It is amazing how fun the world looks through this new lens! She made the comment that she wished she could take a picture of the image inside the scope.  So we experimented a little and found that our little point and shoot could do it quite well. 
 Can you tell what the subject is that she was looking at?
Maybe these ones are a little easier to see the face?
Sophie loves her kitty and she has added a lot of fun to our home. 
 Peezy loves to sit up in this sunny window each morning looking out over our backyard and trampoline.

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