Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tennis Anyone?


A few weeks ago I noticed tennis rackets were on sale in the Big 5 weekly ad. Henry has been asking to play tennis for months. I don't know exactly where the desire came from. He is just an active little guy who likes to try all the different sports. I figured it would be fun for us to have some more sports equipment to take with us to the park. It would be great for my kids to learn tennis. I played tennis in high school and figured I could at least teach them the rules of the game and some basic skills. So we ventured over to Big 5 and bought 5 rackets and a bag of balls. We stopped at the Goodwill across the street to see if there was an used one Molly could use. She was thrilled to find a pink child size racket there.

 We have taken our new rackets to the park several times over the past few weeks. We do tend to spend most of our time chasing after balls that flew off in unintended directions. I have also noticed that the kids play better when Dad is able to come along with us and we have an adult on each side of the net.  It is going to take some time but at least they now have something new to try out when we head to parks that have courts.

 We practiced just bouncing the ball with the racket.

 Hitting the ball over the net was a bit more of a challenge. They could each hit the ball they bounced or tossed for themselves but hitting the balls back over the net once someone else hit it over was a lot more of a challenge.

 It is hard to photograph tennis. Timing it right so the ball was in the shot was really hard. Usually I ended up with pictures of the kids after they had hit the ball.

 Henry finally told me to put the camera away. He said it wasn't any fun if I wasn't available to hit the ball back to him.

I have a feeling we will be playing more tennis over the coming months and hopefully years. I really like the sport and despite what some people may think you do certainly get hot and sweaty running around the court chasing balls.

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