Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Painting Georgia Style

I figured since we are focusing on American History we would also add in some American Artists as well.  I started with one of my favorites Georgia O'Keeffe. Last week we read the Veneizia biography as well as some children's picture books about her.  This week I figured we should give her art a try.

I had each of the kids pick one of her abstract pictures to try to copy.

 I thought chalk pastels would be a fun change.
 Sophie choose one that I thought might be easier to do with watercolor pencils.

 Sophie wanted to try another one once she was done because she really wanted to try the chalk. She picked a rather intricate swirly clouds painting. She found it very difficult.
Here are the finished products.

This was the picture he was looking at.

 Molly of course couldn't let the others have all the fun. She loved smearing the pastels on the paper.
I can't seem to find the Georgia painting that Ian used. It must be a pretty obscure painting. It was one of the pictures in the book on Georgia O'Keeffe's abstract art. It is in someone's private collection so I guess it isn't circulated too often.  I admit I helped Ian quite a bit with his. I probably should have just done one of my own. Pastels really are a fun medium!

Here is Sophie's watercolor pencil finished project.
And Georgia's Grey Line with purple and lavender that she used as her inspiration.

They all turned out lovely. The kids have a greater appreciation for how much more there is to these pictures than just swishes or swirls on a paper.  I think next week we may need to try our hand at some her flower pictures.

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