Thursday, September 5, 2013

Enrique es Ocho

Henry has been counting down the days until his birthday. This is a pretty exciting week for him. 

He started the day with the "morning present". 
 The box of legos was alright.
 But not nearly as exciting as Minecraft. I bought the app for our Kindle Fire. He was thrilled to finally get to play this game. He has heard so much about it and watched other kids play but hasn't had much experience playing it himself.
After getting to play a half hour after breakfast he had to put it away so we could do school. It is amazing how quickly and focused this boy can be when there is a goal in sight. He got to play another half hour when all his school work, including piano practice was done.

 Henry requested pesto ravioli for dinner. Thank you Costco for making yummy ravioli and pesto sauce. It was a very easy birthday dinner to pull together. Perfect, since we spent the afternoon at the park. And of course Henry got to eat off the red plate. My kids never let me forget the red plate!

Henry wanted a white cake with a large orange H on the top. And the fire bug had to light his own candles.

The Festivities aren't done yet. This is his 8th birthday so there is more excitement coming this weekend! Lots of family is coming for Henry's baptism.

And then of course we will have another birthday next week. Sophie's big #12 is coming up quickly.

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