Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cooking with Anne

 Sophie is taking an online Literature class all about Anne of Green Gables.   Today the girls (I guess boys could take the class but I believe it is all girls) all brought their laptops into the kitchen so their teacher could walk them through one of the recipes from the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook. The teacher choose raspberries tarts. Diana Berry brings raspberry tarts in her lunch one day in the stories and many of the food items talked about in the book have found their way into this cookbook.

My boys really want to make the raspberry cordial. I think the part of the book where Diana Berry gets intoxicated is one of their favorite parts of the story.  Yes my boys really enjoyed listening to Anne of Green Gables. They were thrilled when I said they could watch the Anne of Green Gables movie during our drive to and from Grandma's house this past weekend.  The first half on the way to, and the other half on the drive back.

I have a feeling this recipe will get made many more times. There is already plans to try strawberry and maybe even apple.

Everyone is happy when class includes cooking and food!

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