Monday, May 27, 2013

Cub Scouts Last Week - Water Rockets

The Pack Meeting in May is always the last one before they break for Summer. And it is always Water Rockets. My kids have been looking forward to it for weeks. We went to the store that afternoon and actually bought soda (we very rarely drink soda so this was a special treat) so we could have bottles to use for the rockets. 

This meeting isn't all about Rockets. There were a few awards to hand out. Ian received two more belt loops. The Hiking and the Astronomy belt loops and pins. I still don't know exactly what to do with the pins. Ian always quickly adds the belt loops to his belt and then hands me the pins. They are sitting in my sewing box waiting for me to finally decide what to do with them.

Once the meeting portion is done the fun begins. The kids grabbed their bottles and hit the craft tables to build their rockets.
 A bit of poster board and lots of packing tape later, the kids have rockets.

 It is really hard to get pictures of the kids actually shooting them off. It is hard to time the shot inorder to catch the rocket just shooting off the launch. But all the rockets went up pretty high and the kids kept running back into line to launch it again and again. Half the fun is waiting in line with all their friends.

 Even Molly made a rocket and joined in on the fun.
This year she was so excited about being with the other kids and shooting her rocket she didn't pet any gophers. That was what she was doing when we came to this same pack meeting last year. This field is covered with gopher holes and those little rodents aren't afraid to show themselves even with 30 + kids and their parents running around.

Since this is the last meeting for a few months I guess when scouts starts up again in the Fall I will have two Cub Scouts. Henry will officially be joining the ranks of the Wolf pack.  Ian will be just finishing up his Bear.  The last few things he needs to complete will be done this Summer if all goes as planned.  Both boys are excited for Cub Scout day camp in a few weeks. They are looking forward to some Bb guns and archery.

Cub Scouts has been a fun ride so far. My boys, and the girls too, love it!

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