Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ten Random things for Tuesday

1. Sophie got more metal in her mouth this week. She got an extender yesterday in addition to the braces that she got last week.

She is having A LOT of trouble talking and eating now. I also get to crank the extender every day. So every day I get to inflict pain on my poor daughter. I really need to remember to get some children's Tylenol at the store tomorrow.

2. Since we are on the teeth theme already the tooth fairy informed us she doesn't plan to visit anymore to collect teeth. Henry lost a tooth on Saturday and discovered that instead of her midnight visit she decided to just make a direct deposit into his "Bank of Papa" (which is where all his allowance and lawn mowing money goes). Sure enough he looked at his statement and there was his dollar from the tooth fairy.  Hopefully this will be an easier way for tooth fairy to handle the demands of her job. She is often so busy and takes days and days for her to get to my kids.

3. Molly played at her friend Julia's house again today. She loves going there. It is so nice to have a few free hours from Molly's noise and chaos. It is amazing how much school work we are able to get done when she isn't here to distract the students :)

4. My kids have been making up a Temple Run game outside and around our house. Evidently there are traps and obstacles that they have to race through. I guess this is a game that they have played on someone's ipod and they are creating a life size version in our house. They have been using all sorts of string, sticks, duct tape and balls to create it. I almost hate to call them in to finish their math or to take out the garbage. I love to hear them planning, construction and racing.

5. The weather has been so nice the last day or two. Cool, compared to the heat we had last week. I hope it continues a little longer. I like the spring like weather. I am not ready for Summer heat yet. This is another reason I am slow to call my kids in from their play. They won't be able to do as much outside when it is hot.

6. I mentioned already that I got the kids hymn books for Easter. We have been trying to learn a few different hymns but Molly insists on singing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" every day. It is so cute to see her sing the Alleluia. Ian always picks "If you could Hie to Kolob".  Sophie is always picking obscure ones that I don't even know. Henry doesn't ever get to pick. He seems to always just let Molly have her choice. But at least he enjoys singing along even if he isn't always on key.

7. We've been able to eat Salmon two weeks in a row. We always eat Salmon for holidays and birthdays. It is too expensive for everyday eating. We have had two birthdays recently and my kids look forward to fish for dinner. I love to see my kids scarf down the Salmon so readily. I don't think I would have eaten it when I was their age.

8. I am often amazed at how my kids can keep all the different stories straight. We have several read aloud/ audio books all going at the same time. Anne of Green Gables in the car. Harry Potter in the house.  I read aloud all sorts of fairy tales and such each day. And my husband is currently reading the One and Only Ivan to the kids at night. This doesn't even count all the many different books they are reading to themselves when we aren't reading aloud or listening to stories.  I am just happy to think of all the many many books with which my kids are acquainted. They certainly have more stories in their lives than I remember ever reading as a kid.

9.  We either need to get more book cases or sift through our plethora of reading material. Our big bookcase is triple stacked on many of the shelves.  The kids shelves are all full too. I guess it is time to make a change somewhere.

10. My kids, Sophie especially, are Webkinz crazy!

They like to drag them all out and stage photo shoots.

How is that for 10 Random things!

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