Monday, May 20, 2013

When you Live with A History Buff.....

When you combine History and Airplanes my husband gets rather giddy. Having grown up in a military family with a father that flew planes he has a love for all things aviation but especially military planes.  He can tell you exactly which kind of plane you are looking at even if it is flying above us. He often even knows the airplanes whizzing above us simply from the sound they make.  I guess it is good we live right in the flight path for a military airfield.  Last night my husband heard some planes zooming over our house and he ran out dragging the kids with him so he could point out the historical planes that were soaring past us. He was so excited to see not just one but three planes go by. He couldn't wait to head to the airfield today.

 Along with the planes there were also a few other military vehicles.

 But the planes were what we came to see.
 Here the kids go climbing in to the rear of the  B-24 Bomber. Molly couldn't wait to get inside so she could see the bombs! 
 They boys really liked the guns that they could pretend to shoot out the windows.

 We couldn't get very close to the B-51 Mustang.  But the kids enjoyed seeing all the swastikas painted onto the side of the plane. That must mean it saw some action!

 The third plane was a B-17 flying fortress bomber.

 This plane was very tight inside. I bumped my head several times as I tried to navigate through the plane. It was about right for Henry and Ian but the rest of us had to stay crouched down the much of the time.

 More guns!

 Molly had a good time walking the little cat walks in the bomb bays. She thought the whole thing  a lot of fun.

 There were even a few German vehicles there as well.

It was an beautiful sunny day at airfield. My husband got his historical plane fix and the kids got to see a little piece of history. Who knows how long these planes will continue to fly into our part of the world.  It is good to see them when they do!

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Bibliophile said...

I would have loved to visit the airfield with you. Those airplanes are one of my interests. I hope the children will get the history along with the fun.