Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tea Parties

I haven't yet counted how many times Molly asks me to play dolls with her each day. It is so often and I unfortunately often tell her I can't play and send her on her way. It really is her favorite game. Today while the others were busy I decided to say yes. I sent her to go and get her dolls and we played.

Since she brought me the Alice doll and her doll was dressed as a fairy I suggested the dolls go trick or treating. Molly quickly ran back to her room and grabbed a bunch of stuffed animals to be the people in the houses. Our dolls then walked from one to next saying "trick or treat". Once they were tired and had bags bursting with candy they went and took a nap while the tea party got set up.

 Molly was in heaven while she went and got her play food out and set up all the animals and dolls. She gave each guest something to eat and kept running to her room for more guests and more food.
This poor girl often gets shuffled around most of the day. I am busy helping kids figure out their math, going through a writing lesson or doing some science or history reading.  She just flits around causing chaos and lots of distractions.  I am often brushing her off onto the other kids too. When one finishes an assignment I tell them to go and play dolls with Molly. This doesn't always work because they don't let Molly play the game her way.

It was certainly a fun morning for her so I had to capture a few pictures of her tea party.

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Bibliophile said...

Oh, Molly! What a sweetie! It was so good of you to cater to her desires, even though it meant neglecting other things. She needed the attention. Thanks for the look into her day.