Thursday, November 1, 2012

First of November

The first of November always has to be a post about Halloween. So here it is..... Here is how we celebrated.

First we had a co-op Halloween party last week. The kids all dressed up and then had a bunch of free time. It was surprised at how candy free it was. I think we all thought there would be enough sweets over the coming days that none of us brought cookies for the party and instead had all sorts of real lunch like finger foods. It was great!
Then we had our Trunk or Treat at church.
Here is Henry in his car costume. I told the boys I wouldn't buy them a costume this year and that they would need to make one or use something we already had. So Henry gathered some boxes when we went to Costco and put together a car from things we had around the house.
Here is Molly in her princess dress. She loved seeing so many little girls dressed as princesses.
Sophie was the only one who got me to make a costume for her. She really wanted to be a leopard. When we went to the fabric store we could only find tiger print fleece so she ended up being a tiger.  Since this is her last year of trick or treating (we decided that 12 was the age where kids got too old for trick or treating.) I figured it was good to let her have the costume of her choice. I just modified a pajama pattern I have by adding a hood with ears and made a long tail. She loved it and it was was nice and warm too.
Ian's boxes were made into a robot costume. He made this entire costume himself. It wasn't the most comfortable for playing carnival games in however.
Molly had a Halloween party at her ballet class but I forgot to grab my camera but all the little girls were dressed up and they danced as princess or fairies or skeletons. I think there was ever a lizard or dragon there. Molly was thrilled to get to wear her princess dress to yet another place!

Finally the big day arrived and the kids got into costume one more time.
Molly found this princess wig in our costume box and thought she should wear it so she could have princess hair.
Here they are all ready to beg for candy. The boys had to dig out some costumes from our dress ups or costumes from past years. Their boxes didn't make it all the way through the trunk or treat. They luckily found something that worked. It didn't matter once the trick or treating got going. They were just happy to see their bags quickly fill with candies.
We of course went to Grandma's neighborhood for the treating. They have the best candies and so many of the houses were all decorated! It was a fun filled evening and now we have way more candy than we really should have.

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