Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Patriotic Comic Strip

I love it when I can get two thing done with only one project. So when I was going through Ian's Wolf cub scout handbook I noticed two of the electives are to learn the words to the songs My Country Tis of Thee and The Star Spangled Banner. Since we have been reading so many books about the political process and about America in general I figured this was the perfect time to complete these two electives. My kids know the words to the Star Spangled banner pretty well. We will need to sing it a few more times to really have it. But they didn't know My Country Tis of Thee at all. I decided another comic strip activity was needed in order for them to learn the two verses Ian's handbooks required. So the first and fourth verses were divided into phrases and then written and illustrated on a big paper.

Here is Sophie's. She can whip these out rather quickly. She came up with all the illustrations herself and then wanted to add the color.
 Here is Henry's. If you look closely he left off a line from the fourth verse. I didn't want him to get bent out of shape about it (He has been having a lot of tantrums lately whenever I correct him about anything) so it is what it is. He started a little late on his strip so he didn't color it.

 Ian's looks a lot like Sophie's but with a style all his own.
I hope this little exercise helped them learn the words to this song. We will be adding it (and the Star Spangled Banner) to our hymn singing each morning before scripture so by the end of the month we should have it down pretty well. And I can sign off those two electives in Ian's scout book.

I love it when school things can count for scouts too.


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