Friday, October 5, 2012

Instead of Medieval History

We don't watch a lot of sports around our house. My husband isn't excited about football or baseball or basketball. His sport of choice is politics. I think I have mentioned this before so it shouldn't be news to anyone. But his "season" is heating up with conventions, debates and all sorts of news. So I thought it would be fitting for us to take a break from our medieval history studies and take some time to read and study a little more about our government and the election process. Here are a sampling of the books we are reading.

I also downloaded a few word searches and crossword puzzles to help us review the vocabulary. I also printed some of the items from Homeschool share's Election lapbook which we will hopefully get around to actually putting in a lapbook.

To go along with this study I figured we could learn a few patriotic songs. Ian needs to learn the words to two verses of America (My country tis of thee) as well as the National Anthem and he can sign off two more electives for Cub scouts. I love it when things we are already doing for school can be used to go toward his scout requirements.

My kids are well aware of our feelings on most issues and it is good to have a chance to explain why we stand a certain way. In fact while I read some of these books I have to edit and correct some of the author's opinions which appear like they are facts. I am so glad I get to read these books with my kids and I get to be the one who teaches this subject with my kids.

 I think they will enjoy coloring in their electoral college maps on election night. It is one of the few things I remember doing when I was in grade school. Regan's map against Mondale wasn't that interesting since it was almost all red but I have that memory in my head of coloring in each state as it was decided.

So we will make our way through this stack of book and hopefully my kids will feel a bit more like they are a part of the process as well as understand how important it is to vote wisely.


Bibliophile said...

It's good to see that the children are getting indoctrinated in the excitement for and necessity of good government.

Desiree said...

Thank you for this! I am getting ready to start our studies about elections. Great ideas. Oh yes, and I love when school projects count for other things as well!