Monday, October 29, 2012

Tasty Homework

Sophie is really enjoying her Beautiful Girlhood class.  She loves the discussions each week and with some prodding does the reading and writing assignments that are given for homework. A week ago she was given a new assignment or project. This one involves cooking. She is to make some cookies, muffins, quick breads, yeast breads and perhaps even a cake.  Sophie already makes chocolate chip cookies for us almost every Sunday afternoon so we jumped into one of the yeast breads. I thought cinnamon rolls would be a fun yeast bread to do and Sophie didn't seem to fight my choice.

We found a good recipe for rolls and got started. She learned how to not kill yeast (this is something I didn't master until just a few years ago. I finally bought a thermometer) by checking the temperature of the warm water.  She did all the measuring and mixing with only a little supervision from me (and her little sister who can't ever be left out of anything).

I think her favorite part was getting to roll it out after it had risen the first time. She rolled and rolled and ended up with quite a rectangle of dough. She slathered on the butter, sugar and cinnamon and then rolled it up. This is the fun part coming up next. Getting to use a piece of thread to cut the dough into little rolls.

 Even when her brothers asked if they could have a try she wouldn't let them. She was having too much fun and since this was her homework she didn't want to pass this job onto anyone.

 After baking and whipping up the frosting we got to sample her baking.
 There is nothing tastier than a nice warm cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven.
 Then turned out great!
I think next she is going to have do a cake for homework. I think hot fudge sundae cake is in order! I love it when my kids get this kind of homework. I guess since I am usually the teacher I could assign these things but it certainly is nice to have someone else make the assignments at times.  We certainly wouldn't have made cinnamon rolls otherwise. I only make them for special occasions usually.


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