Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hiking around the lake

Up near where I grew up and and where my parents still reside there is a small lake. It is a beautiful spot to swim, boat, camp or hike. We choose to take a hike around the lake. It is about a 5-6 mile hike around.
It is such a great time to hike up in the Sierras. 
 At first the kids complained but before long the trail became a fun rock climbing play ground and they started to have a great time.

 By the time we got about half way around the lake we all started to really get tired and hot. We were heading into the sunny side of the hike where there was less shade.
 We decided to go back the way we came along the shady side of the lake rather than deal with the heat and sun.
 It was a good choice since most of the way back Molly had to be carried and that really makes hiking hard. Nothing tires you faster than having an extra 30 lbs on your shoulders.
It was a lovely hike and we enjoyed the great out doors.

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