Saturday, September 8, 2012

A few Ups, downs, and opps

The last few days I have spent a lot of time asking Molly to sit on the toilet. She is three now and it is time she start heading toward under ware and away from diapers. Wow, will it be nice not to have to buy diapers!

A month or so after Sophie turned three, while at the mall, she saw the Build-a-Bear workshop and just fell in love with a unicorn she saw there. I told her that unicorn could only go home with girls who where under ware. Sophie went home and started wearing undies right away and never looked back. Once she was done with diapers, she was done and at night too.

I tried to find the right incentive for Molly to finally want to use the toilet and wear panties.  I think I found it because I told her about her ballet class that starts a few days. I also explained that ballerinas don't wear diapers so she needs to wear panties. She hasn't been quite as easily trained as Sophie was but she is wearing under ware and telling me when she needs to go. Hurray for that!  There have been a number of accidents over the last few days. Her only trouble is being away from home. She had an accident at the church while we played there during scouts the other day and she had another accident at co-op on Friday. That is it. Each day only one accident.

We aren't there yet but we are getting much better and today we haven't had any accidents even through we were out and about running errands all afternoon. I can't wait to put the money that is set to go to diapers to use elsewhere!

It feels like such a milestone in my life to have all my kids out of the baby stage.
Molly tells me "I'm a big girl" so many times everyday. I think I am starting to really believe her!

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