Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Soundtrack Playlist

My boys have discovered that they love to listen to music.  My ipod and an old one that Sophie had been using have now been taken over by each of my boys. While we sit and wait for Molly's Dance class to end or while Sophie has an orthodontist appointment my boys sit and listen to music. I guess it is better than having them beg me to let them play Fruit Ninja on the tablet.

So, what is on their playlists?

At the moment their favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

 There isn't any words but they sing along to all the songs with  a lot of "dunt, dunt, dun, dunt". Even Molly loves this one. She loves to put this CD on the radio and gets so upset when I tell her "no" because we have already listened to it.  My boys haven't ever watched these movies but they can tell you everything that happens in them because they borrowed the Wii game from the library  this Summer and finished the game a few weeks ago.  So while they listen to the music they know exactly what part of the story goes with it.

When it isn't pirates there are a few other things that do get played.

I don't know exactly how it got started but after watching the movie cars months ago, my boys started singing "Life is a Highway" but they got the words all mixed up. So I borrowed the soundtrack from the library to set them straight. Now they listen to all the songs and sometimes even get the words to "Life is a Highway" correct. But then there is nothing funnier than Molly playing air guitar and singing "Riding on a cruise ship.... all night long".
 So along with these Soundtracks there are of course a few other songs from Soundtracks that are also on their playlists.

They have a few of the themes from Star Wars.
 And of course Indiana Jones is still riding through now and again.

So my boys love soundtracks and I am alright with that. And it is even better that they can listen to it on the ipod when I don't have to hear it over and over and over again!

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