Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Which one of these things is not like the other?

Molly had her first ballet/tap class the other day. I think we missed the memo about wearing pink. Molly was all in black. There was another little girl with a black leotard but she had a pink skirt.  Not that is mattered to her. She kept running out to the waiting room to tell me "girls are nice".

She did join in most all of the class but often took quick runs around the room and had to be reminded to get into line with all the other little girls. I also often saw her doing things the opposite of what the others girls were doing. I figured out that she was doing it the same way her teacher was doing. The teacher would be turned a certain way so she did too.

For such a young little girl an hour long class is a lot to ask of her. But she had such a good time and when it was time to leave she just thought it was time to change shoes again. (Half was through the class she switches the tap for the ballet slippers) She wanted to put her tap shoes back on and go out and dance some more.

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