Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little Scripture Study

Molly often makes family scripture study difficult. She usually starts asking for a drink of water or some cheese or something, anything.  This of course is very distracting for the one reading aloud but even more for all those trying to follow along or listen.

Lately though she has gotten a bit easier. I think it has something to do with actually giving her a book of her own and a chance to "read" too.
Molly's scriptures are the Gospel Principles book and the Book and of Mormon Reader for young Latter-day Saints.
Each of these books has pictures, and for her that is the fun part of scripture study.

Molly is saying a prayer by herself.
When it is her turn to "read". She turns to her Book of Mormon Reader and turns to a picture page and then tells us about Nephi, or the olive trees being thrown in the fire. I guess she is listening. She evidently really liked hearing the allegory of the Olive tree in Jacob 5. We keep getting her version of it almost every day when it is her turn.
I am just happy she enjoys scripture time and is less disruptive for the rest of us.
Sophie is the photographer in our house. She took these pictures one afternoon of Molly and I just found them when I uploaded pictures. I thought they were so cute of Molly. She certainly doesn't have any trouble posing for the camera.



Bibliophile said...

Those photos of Molly are certainly cute! I'm glad that she has her own "scriptures" to read from. I'm impressed that she knows the Olive Tree allegory from Jacob 5!

Desiree said...

That's precious. I just live to see little children with books, especially their own scriptures. We have tried some different things with scripture time too, but mostly I just don't do it a lot because we have lots of little ones here. I'm working on that one more.