Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Few Random Photos

I finally uploaded photos from my camera today. So I have a whole week and some worth of pictures. Usually there is just a handful but since Sophie has got the pictures taking but she has snagged the camera more and more.  There are a few that really were fun to find. 

This little family of quail adorn a mailbox that we pass every time we go up the road for "the walk" while at Grandma's house.  Sophie was rather clever to catch this shot of some of us heading up the street along with her quail. Perhaps she didn't mean to do that but it was a very fun picture. 

Here is another jem. My sister Julie all bundled up (something she hates!) for the walk up the street. These horses almost always come running thinking the kids are bringing them carrots or apples.

Since most of these pictures are from lasst weekend and since last weekend was spent mostly infront of the t.v. watching conference. Sophie decided to take a few pictures of what everyone was doing during one of the sessions.
 Here is Grandma looking very serious while listening.

Minton was the subject of about 100+ pictures on the camera. Sophie must have chased her around the house disturbing every place she settled. Poor Minton was tired and just wanted to take a nap.

Here is Molly sitting with her Dad playing with some old maid cards she found in Grandma's game closet.

Just to keep it real I am including this lovely shot Sophie took of me. I am listening to conference while also playing Majong on my tablet. No I do not take notes. I have found I listen better when I play a somewhat mindless game. 

These other pictures are just a few other pictures that I actually took this week. 
Molly asleep in the big blue chair one afternoon.
This one is from today after the kids had an Easter egg hunt at the park with some friends. Molly and her little friend were so cute looking through their eggs and talking about the candies and such that they found in their basket or bag. 

So that is it for random photos for now. 

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Cellista said...

I love the random picture posts. I should probably do one of those soon to catch up on everything we're doing but not writing about. I really like the quail picture at the beginning. Tell Sophie good job!

I don't take notes through conference either. I usually cross-stitch and soak up what I can. I've never been a great note-taker. I prefer to take notes once I can see their words in front of me in the Ensign.